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SuperTintin User Guide

SuperTintin is a brilliant piece of software that allows you to record all of the conversations that you conduct over Skype and MSN Live Messenger.

How do you navigate the SuperTintin Main Window?

The SuperTintin main window is incredibly easy to manage.

Supertintin main window

Top Left.

At the Top Left of the Main Window is where you"ll find all the information regarding Active Streams in Skype. It will tell you how many audio streams and webcams are available. This is typically one per person, so if you're conducting a simple one-on-one video call with your parents, there will be one audio stream and one web cam for each computer (totally two each).

Top Middle.

In the middle you will find a large buttons.

You need to click on this button with your mouse cursor, in order to start recording your conversation. This is typically done once you have started your video call or web chat. During recording, this button allows you to stop recording.

Top Right.

This box tells you that you are currently recording, and how long the recording is, in hours, minutes and seconds.

Main Section.

The main section of the window lists all of your SuperTintin recordings, and consists of four columns, the first tells you the exact date and time that the recording was started, the second tells you when it was recorded by day (Today, Wednesday or the date if a long time ago), the third column tells you how long the recording total is, and the final column features one or two symbols (that correspond with the symbols shown in the Active Streams Box), which represent whether the recording includes audio, video or both.

You can click right mouse button on the recording to show the pop up menu.

Bottom Left.

This tells you exactly where your recordings are being saved, and allows you to change the destination of saves, to whichever folder you choose to store them.

Bottom Right.

Here you have the option of whether you record the audio and/or video for just your side of the call, just their side, or both. For the Picture, it is possible to set it up to record the images side-by-side, allowing you to view both at the same time.

How do you configure the Settings?

If you need/want to adjust the settings of the SuperTintin software, this can be easily done, by selecting the Help (H) at the very top of the Main Window, and selecting Options from the drop-down menu.

From the option window, you can alter several areas of your software's settings, to suit your needs:

Supertintin settings dialog

How do you configure the General Settings?

General. The general section allows you to determine when the software launches, and starts recording:

Start SuperTintin Automatically when I Logon Windows:

  • Ticking this first box sets the software up to start running, automatically, every time that you log into your Windows account, without having to launch it manually. TIP: This is ideal for people that use the software regularly.
  • Unticking the box, ensures that the program will only launch when you request it to do so. TIP: This option is ideal for anyone who makes video calls on a more sporadic basis, and doesn't need the software running very often.
Start Recording Calls Automatically:
  • Ticking this second box determines that the software will start recording your calls automatically, without you having to remember to press the record button. TIP: The is ideal for anyone who is forgetful when it comes to setting the recorder going, and anyone who intends to record every video call that they make.
  • Unticking this box means that whenever you wish to record a call, you will have to set the recorder going manually. TIP: This is ideal for people that don't necessarily want to record every call that they make.

The General section is the place to see exactly which folder all of your recordings will be saved to. You can also change, or view the saving folder from here.

How do you configure the Audio and Video Settings?

Recording Options. The Recording Option Sections is where you can determine what exactly you record, how the recordings are set-up and even the quality of them.

Audio Recording Mode:

Using the drop-down menu, this is where you can select which parts of the audio you want to record, with the options being:

  • Microphone Only. Only record what the microphone of your PC/Laptop picks up. This is for when you only want to record your side of the audio conversation. You will not record anybody who is not in front of your microphone.
  • Speaker Only. Only record what the PC/Laptop speakers pick up. This is ideal for when you only want to record the other side of the conversation. You will not record yourself with this option.
  • Both. Selecting this setting means that you will record everything that is picked up by both your microphone (everything you say) and your speakers (everything that you hear). TIP: This is for times when you need to record both sides of the video call, which you are conducting.

Video Recording Mode:

Using the drop-down menu, select which parts of the video (visual) from your video call that you want to record. The options for this section are:

  • None (Audio Only). Selecting this option means that you will not record any visuals from your video call, however audio will still be recorded. To select which parts of the audio are saved, use the Audio Recording Mode section.
  • Picture-in-Picture. This setting allows you to record both sides of the video call, with the video that you were viewing more prominent, and the video of you inset. If you choose this option, you will be able to choose the following features:
    • Local Image Position. This allows you to choose where the recording of you, is placed. The positioning can be either: Top-Left, Top-Right, Bottom-Left or Bottom-Right.
    • Local Image Size. With this setting, you can decide how big you want the video of you to be, in comparison to the remote video. Options for sizing are: Small, Normal, and Huge.
  • Side-by-Side. This setting allows you to record both sides of the video, with the remote and local video displays next to each other on the screen. Both images will be exact same size, however, selecting this will bring up the option:
    • Local Image Position. Choose whether you want the local image (the video of you) to be on the left or the right of the screen.
  • Local Only. Local only means that you will only record your side of the video call (what they saw, rather than what you saw). TIP: This can be ideal if you are trying to perfect body language, or to see how well you did in the call.
  • Remote Only. Selecting this option means that you only record the video that you were watching during the call. This could be useful if you are conducting an interview, or if you just want to savor a conversation with a much-missed loved on.
  • Two Files. Using this setting allows you to save both the local and remote videos to two completely separate files.

Video Image Size:

This allows you to determine how large the videos are, and comes in the following pixel dimensions:

  • 16:9 226P
  • 16:9 360P
  • 16:9 480P
  • 16:9 720P
  • 4:3 240P
  • 4:3 360P
  • 4:3 480P
  • 4:3 720P

  • TIP: Please use 226P or 360P option if your PC/Laptop is prone to running slowly. Any larger and your PC may not be able to run the real-time encoding of the video.
    TIP: Please use 720P to get the best quality of video only if your Skype supported high definition video call.

Video Frame Rate:

The frame rate determines the number of frames that pass per second throughout the video. TIP: The higher the frame rate selected the better video quality you will achieve. However, if your PC/Laptop runs slow, it probably won't be able to handle a higher frame rate.

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